Interactive Digital EcoPanel


Smart Nation is empowered by technologies which are reflective of the revolutionizing world.
It is convenient, informative, trustworthy, progressive, and helps people stay ahead.
Integrating IoT will provide progress. IT SUREWERKS is proud to introduce THE BEST PARTNER in your meetings and discussions, you can deliver fantastic presentations, organized discussions or even impromptu brainstorming sessions with THE INTERACTIVE DIGITAL PANEL.
It allows you to view, interact, annotate, save and share on your digital contents seamlessly in various situations. Undoubtedly an essential tool for meetings that helps to stimulate collaboration and participation in the workforce.
FROM a manual hand written whiteboard in discussion, a mundane powerpoint presentation not been able to anotate or direct share the file, TO an all-in-one fully integrated digital panel, with 1001 justifications, enabling a more productive and impressive users’ experiences in progress.
  • It has a Supreme Display with LED Screens, 4K UHD resolution that is not comparable by any interactive projectors.
  • An active stylus allows you to write digitally with 1024 levels of pressure, giving you the most natural inking experience.
  • With 10 Multi-Points Touch, same gestures from the our smartphone to large screen, You can simply TAP, SWIPE, PINCH—it’s that simple.
  • Built in with an Intel processor and a Windows 10 pre-configuration, it supports both IOS and Android, so anyone can use the panel with zero learning curve needed.
  • Sync with multiple devices to enhance an interactive atmosphere, because its able to save, share and print instantly.
Product Range
43” 55” 65” Smart Eco-panel display (With the Option of 1024 pressure Stylus)
22” 32” Keynote with standing podium
22” 32” Kiosk to interact on desktop

What impression will Interactive Digital Eco-Panel make?
In the face of a rapidly shifting world, engaging with people and integrating IoT need both skill and processes.  This can boost a business image, and is simultaneously more communicative. Hence, it will reflect advancements in both knowledge and skill with confidence.


Marketed by IT SureWerks (S) Pte Ltd, 18 Boon Lay Way, #04-147, Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966. Tel : 65693383. Fax : 65693363.


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